Newspaper article on launch of textbooks by Anthea Thomas

I never envisioned myself as an author or that other would regard me as such. Nevertheless, it is now a reality and I have learned that perseverance and dedication paid off. Those who know my story would really understand why this accomplishment is such a great feat.

This is not a regular blog post as I am basically sharing with you my beloved readers the joy of having my published books launched officially.

Official Launch of Books

The launch of the books took place on Friday 6th September 2019. It was a nerve wracking event as I am not accustomed to the forefront. It was also a very emotional day as it still seemed so surreal to me.

The following pictures and videos will tell my story.

Collins Primary Social Studies for Antigua and Barbuda.

My response at the Launch
A Clip from the news report , disregard the wrong surname of Roberts, it was corrected in a follow up news item

It is extremely a proud moment for me knowing that I am able to make such a valuable contribution to the children in my country. My work continues as I will finish the series to cover all the classes in the Primary School.

Anthea Thomas Signatute
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