6 ways life after divorce is amazingly great
Happy life after divorce

Are you fearful of what your life would become after a divorce? Do you experience anxiety just because you don’t know what is behind the life after divorce curtain? Well, you are reading this so I believe you had the same thoughts that I had too.  You see, during the period leading up to my divorce, I was very apprehensive of what my life would be like after. Many thoughts raced through my mind which at times left me with cold sweat.  I asked myself lots of questions.

Would I be Lonely?

Would I be able to manage financially?

 What would a single life be like?

 However after the ink dried on the divorce paper, and the healing process started I soon discovered that life after divorce is amazingly great.

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6 Ways your life after divorce is amazingly great

 1. You discover how strong you are

After going through the trauma of the divorce and dealing with all the varying emotions you will realize that you are a lot stronger than you think you are.  Yea, you made it through the divorce and yes, you are still standing. You have crossed the hurdle!  You learn to rely on yourself because there is no one for you to fall back on. Thus, you find that things that you use to depend on your spouse to do,  such as changing the light bulb you now have the strength to do them on your own. I was able to maintain my house and fix little things such as a leaking faucet or a broken water line. I also did my own yard work. You will get the opportunity to believe in yourself which helps to build your confidence.

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2 Your life after divorce is less stressed.

Leading up to the divorce, you may have been stressed with all that was going on. It could be from the battles to ensure that you get the right amount of settlement that is due to you or who gets custody of the children. Once the divorce is over, the stress of dealing with it often goes away. You will be relieved that it is all over.  You no longer have to answer any questions about your spouse or have to walk on eggshells whenever he is around. Additionally, you know longer have to deal with the in-laws especially if you were not getting along with them.   Smile!  Yes, life after divorce is amazingly great!

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6 Ways life after divorce is amazingly great

3 You get to make your own decisions in your life after divorce

Now that you are on your own, you have the power to make your own decisions. There is no one to answer to but yourself. You can decide what you are going to eat, what you are going to wear and what hairstyle you are going to have. You also get to decide when you go shopping and how much money you spend. You can buy your favourite shoes or bag and not have to hide it away from your spouse. Best of all, if your children are living with you, you get to decide what kind of parent you are going to be and how you are going to take care of your children.

4 You sleep more comfortably  at nights

Sleeping by yourself is definitely a great feeling. Let’s be real, sleeping alone is something you may be worried about since you may have been sleeping with someone else for many years. After getting over the fact that you are now sleeping on your own, you will soon begin to experience how great it is to be sleeping by yourself. You now have the bed to yourself and you are not limited to one side of the bed. All sides of the bed become yours.  You can sleep with whatever you want on your bed and not have to worry about anyone complaining.

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life after divorce is amazingly great

When I was doing my studies, my books and my laptop were my sleeping partners because I used to push them aside on my bed when I was ready to go to sleep. Not only that but you get to watch TV in your bedroom without any disturbance and watch your favourite programmes for however long you want.  You can even sleep with the TV on if you want too because you are able to set your own sleep routine. 

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5 You have more time

All the time that you dedicated to your spouse before is now yours. Yes, freedom is yours. All of the things that you wanted to do before you now have the opportunity to do them. Did you want to travel? How about going to the movies or hanging with your friends? Did you want to start a new career or even go back to school?  Now you can. You can even use your extra time to start a hobby or that business that you always wanted to do.  With my free time, I was able to begin gardening and crafting and also concentrate more on my business.

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6 You get to focus on you

Now that you are single again, you have the opportunity to focus on you. You can take time out to do some deep soul searching and discover who you are as a person. During this time you are able to set goals for what you hope to accomplish in your life now that you are single.

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I hope that these few insights have shown you that with time life after divorce is amazingly great. So put your fears aside and get ready to live your best life now!

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6 ways life after divorce is amazingly great
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9 thoughts on “6 Ways Life After Divorce is Amazingly Great

  1. I love how you embrace the changes and see the positives on the other side. I haven’t experienced a divorce but it certainly shows strength to be able to share the healing and growing that is to come after. Thank you for sharing!
    – Kristen

    1. Thank you Kristen, sharing also benefits me as well in addition to help other women through the healing process.

  2. Nice post.. i’m sure it will help sm1 who’s desperate to take this step but not sure of how life would be afterwards. Thanks for posting this

  3. I hope I won’t get through a divorce, however, this is so true. Many people fail to understand or believe how much strength they have until it’s too late. They are afraid of getting a divorce because they think marriage is what defines them as a person when they are so much more than that. Thanks for sharing Anthea

    1. Corina, I hope you won’t have to either, marriage is a beautiful thing and I agree with you . I was like that too afraid of getting a divorce because i was wondering what would happen to me. Thankfully I was able to make the right choice for me. Thanks for reading

  4. Awesome post, some ppl believe that after divorce there is nothing but pain and heartbreak. While this may be true at first there is always a silver lining they just need to find it.

    1. Thanks, I agree that is why I am sharing. Life does not end at divorce, instead, it opens the door for a new beginning. Every disappointment is definitely a blessing. Thanks for reading.

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