reduce stress using this simple method
reduce stress using this simple method
Stress is a normal part of our lives and is triggered by a variety of situations. It could stem from money problems, work-related problems, dealing with the children and even from our relationships. Nevertheless, we need to control stress in our lives.
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Why you need to control stress

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful situations that you can find yourself in.  You are already on an emotional roller coaster with your emotions going from happy to sad to angry all in an instant.  Couple that with the fact that you now have to worry about how you are going to provide for yourself and your children.  Your stress level can get really high. While stress is unavoidable it is important to use strategies that will help you to control your stress.  If left uncontrolled, stress can lead to health problems as well as death.


What is stress?

Stress is how the body reacts to any change that requires an adjustment or response. These responses can be physical, emotional or mental.   Stress can be positive where it allows us to be motivated, alert and ready to face danger. However, it can also be negative where persons can become overworked and full of tension.  If that type of stress is not treated it can cause wear and tear on the body.

How I Control Stress


 Going through my divorce was very stressful; in fact, the stress started during the marriage and eventually became magnified after the divorce.  Most of my stress after came from the poor state of my finances and wondering how I would make ends meet.  I needed a way to relieve some of the stress on a daily basis. For a while, whenever I felt the effects of the stress I would just go to sleep, this allowed me to be in a state where I wouldn’t have to think about anything.  However, I was not relieving much stress this way.

How I used Gardening to Control Stress

 That’s when I turned my attention to gardening. I have always loved plants and would plant fruit trees along with ornamental plants.  One day after I came home from work, I put my bag and phone inside and went to look after my plants. I would do this for about an hour every day. I very soon realized how relaxed I was feeling while looking after my plants and even after. My gardening quickly became my way of relieving stress. 

How does gardening help control stress?


Provides Physical Activity to control stress

It has been said that physical activity helps to reduce the symptoms of stress in the body.  However, due to our busy schedule, many of us do not have the time to leave our homes and go for a walk or even to the gym. Gardening provides you with the opportunity to get physical when you dig into the soil, prepping your bed to plant and even to pull the weeds out of the beds. You have to bend as well as using your arms and legs. Doing all of this helps you to burn calories and provide you with a full body work out every time you spend in your garden.

Exposure to Sunlight to control stress

Gardening allows you to spend time outdoors where you can enjoy the rays of the sun.  When you are in the sunlight, your body is being filled with Vitamin D which is very good for you as it provides the growth of calcium in the body, boosts the immune system and regulates the flow of insulin in the body which can help to prevent diseases such as diabetes. The more sunlight you get the more your body is able to utilize the vitamin D.

 Unleashes your Inner Creativity to control stress

Gardening allows you to take an idea and turn it into reality. It could be just how to fill your space with the colour and types of plants that you want.  You are taking space in your yard or patio and making it your own. Not only do you get a feeling of satisfaction when you are done but you lower your stress levels by reducing the amount of cortisol that your body produces.  I did this by deciding to see if I can grow temperate fruits in a tropical climate.

Increasing  Mindfulness to control stress

Gardening provides the opportunity to prevent your brains from becoming too busy to the point where you are overwhelmed. You know how this can be when your thoughts are going back and forth about 90 miles per hour in your brain.  When you are gardening, your focus changes to what you are doing. when you are pulling weeds you would have no time to think about the credit card bill due next week or the electricity payment due tomorrow.  When your mind is relaxed your stress levels will be reduced.

Growing your own Food to Control Stress

Gardening provides you with the opportunity to grow your own food. It could be something as small as herbs or as big as mango trees one thing is certain, you will be saving money by eating the foods that you grow. This will allow you to have more monies to do the things that you need to do thus reducing your stress some more.

Do you need to control stress in your life?

Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Do you need to control stress in your life? Then consider gardening,  immediately you can begin to reap the benefits stated.
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4 thoughts on “Learn to Control Stress

  1. Love this article! In my family the people who appear less stressed are the ones that are taking care of a garden, flower beds, a lawn, etc. not to mention that food grown in your garden tastes soooooo much better. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Wow , that’s great , gardening really has that effect. I agree with the food tasting so much better and you also know exactly what is in your food. No need to worry about harmful pesticides. Thanks for reading

  2. I have learned to enjoy casual gardening over the years. Anything more than casual gardening becomes stressful, since it never feels done. What have learned to do is to strategize what small chunks of work will produce the noticeable changes that I can appreciate immediately. Thanks for reminding how important it is to find healthy outlets for stress.

    1. Organizing into small chunks is a great strategy. I am glad that it works for you and that you enjoy gardening as much as I do

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